In a significant development, Kashmir University has officially declared the results for multiple semesters, bringing a sense of relief to candidates who have been anxiously awaiting their academic outcomes. The released results encompass examinations for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th semesters.

The specific details of the results for candidates from the batch of 2015 with backlogs are as follows:

BG 1st Semester: The results for the 1st semester backlog examinations, conducted for candidates of the batch 2015 in the session of August-September 2023, have been disclosed.

BG 2nd Semester: Candidates who appeared for the 2nd semester backlog examinations (batch 2015) in the session of August 2023 can now access their results.

BG 3rd Semester: Results for the 3rd semester backlog examinations (batch 2015) held in August 2023 are now available for download.

BG 4th Semester: The university has released the results for the 4th semester backlog examinations (batch 2015) conducted in the session of August 2023.

BG 5th Semester: Candidates who undertook the 5th semester backlog examinations (batch 2015) in the session of August 2023 can check their results now.

For candidates eager to know their academic performance, the university has made the detailed results accessible for download. To view your scorecards, visit the official university website by clicking

This announcement holds paramount importance for students, and the university urges all concerned candidates to promptly review their results.

Stay tuned for additional academic updates and announcements from Kashmir University.