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Class 12th JKBOSE Important Result Notification, check now

Class 12th JKBOSE Important Result Notification, check now

Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education Cancels 2015 Annual Regular Result

The Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) issued Notification No: 904/HSE-II/Annual-Regular-2015 on January 4, 2024, announcing the cancellation of the result for Higher Secondary Part-II (Class 12th) Annual Regular-2015 examination. The decision, as per the notification, was made in compliance with directives from authorities conveyed through letters dated December 15, 2023, and an additional order issued on December 27, 2023.

The cancellation of the result pertains specifically to the candidate Aamir Fayaz, son of Fayaz Ahmad Bhat, whose Roll No. was 4613270. The announcement underscores the gravity of the decision by stating that the cancellation is Ab initio, meaning it is null and void from the beginning.

The decision-making process leading to the cancellation involves communication from the Assistant Secretary Administration Central, as per letter No. ADMCOC/13/2022-07/164269, dated December 15, 2023. Subsequently, the Joint Secretary Examination Kashmir Division issued Order No. F(JSE-KD)B/23 on December 27, 2023, further solidifying the cancellation.

While the notification provides clear details about the cancellation, it does not delve into the specific reasons or circumstances leading to this drastic measure. The term “Ab initio” indicates that there might be serious irregularities or violations that question the legitimacy of the entire examination process for the mentioned candidate.

The cancellation of academic results is a rare and consequential action that can have far-reaching implications for the student involved. It not only impacts their academic standing but also raises questions about the integrity and fairness of the examination system.

This development prompts broader discussions about the measures in place to maintain the sanctity of examinations and the transparency of the education system. Authorities may need to consider more comprehensive and proactive strategies to prevent such situations from arising in the future.

As the stakeholders in the education community seek clarity on the circumstances leading to the cancellation, the JKBOSE is likely to face scrutiny for the decision. The affected candidate, Aamir Fayaz, and his guardians, along with the wider public, await further information that may shed light on the reasons behind this unprecedented move.

In conclusion, the cancellation of Aamir Fayaz’s Higher Secondary Part-II result sends ripples through the education community in Jammu & Kashmir. As the authorities address queries and concerns, there is an imperative need for transparency and communication to maintain the public’s trust in the education system.

JKBOSE Class 12th Important Result Notification

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